Full disclosure, I am not an AK kind of guy. When it comes to a semi-automatic military-styled rifle, my go-to platform has been, and probably always will be Eugene Stoner’s AR platform. My biggest reason is because that is what I have trained with for nearly 15 years, but also because of the ergonomics and modularity of the modern AR design. While the AK, and its variants do bring a lot to the table, it is an old and antiquated design in the ergonomics department. 

-Side profile of the M10X receiver, capable of switching sides with the reciprocating charging handle.

Enter M+M Inc. They have truly been able to design a rifle that incorporates the best of multiple rifle designs into one package and make it work well. This rifle is a complete mutt. And I mean that in the sincerest way possible. I love mutts because they usually bring with them the best of each breed they are sired from. The M10X chambered in 7.62x39mm is no different and is worth a hard look if you are in the market to buy a semi-automatic rifle for your hunting, plinking, training, and defensive needs! 

A Short History 

M+M Industries has been an importer of rifles and parts for AK variants for nearly 15 years now. Their imported receivers are used in a few manufacturers such as Inter-Ordinance (I.0), and Lee Armory just to name a couple. While I.O. can be hit or miss with their AKs, and some people have concerns with the rifles, the receivers have normally always been considered well made. In 2015, M+M Industries shifted from an importer and parts supplier to a manufacturer that produces a full-blown rifle in the M10X model. The M10X is an American made rifle with American made parts! Reportedly M+M Ind. chose to go this route specifically to blaze their own trail with the new model and control supply within the American market. 

A Beautiful Mutt 

The M10X is a mixture of different designs ranging from the Sig 550, AK-47, and the American AR15. The gas system is user adjustable with multiple settings. It uses a long-stroke piston to operate the bolt carrier. It has a removable, ambidextrous reciprocating charging handle, and retains some of the ambidextrous controls of the modern AR15 at the fire control area. The 45-degree short throw selector switch is functional, positive, and quick to get into action. 

-Up close look at the 45-degree safety selector that positively locks into each position.

The upper receiver is a monolithic design that incorporates the MLOK handguard into the upper. It is a solid design that is relatively light weight. The complete rifle unloaded weighs in at about 7 lbs. with its 16”. Like the FN FAL, the upper receiver can be swung open “shotgun-style” to get to the bolt. The two receivers can’t be quickly stripped from each other like an AR, but it is still functional and departs from the AK design that uses a dust cover top plate. Once handled a few times, the process for opening the upper receiver becomes easy enough, and the fit between the two receivers locks up like a bank vault. 

-Receivers split “shotgun-style” like AR or FAL designs.

The handguard is a useful size and because of the monolithic design it is rigid. Any MLOK accessory that I tried to bolt to the handguard mounted fine and it is a true MLOK spec. It offers a QD mount toward the muzzle of the handguard and a raised ridge for a built-in hand-stop. Due to its monolithic design, mounting optics is a breeze and a shooter need not worry about “bridging” scope mounts like a typical AR design. The top rail was machined well and there was no noticeable warping or leaning to one side. 

-The monolithic handguard is solid and overall makes the rifle feel top tier.

The stock is phenomenal. I have shot the Zhukov Magpul stock on AK’s before and the folding mechanism and collapsible stock are solid with little to no wiggle. Adjustments are as quick as any AR designed collapsible stock and the angle of the stock when folded allows the rifle to still be operational if the reciprocating charging handle is positioned on the left side of the rifle. The pistol grip is functional although I feel it could use more aggressive texturing. A Magpul grip to accompany the Zhukov would have been a better choice in my opinion. 

-The Zhukov folding stock from Magpul is one of the best aftermarket AK stocks available.

This Dog Can Hunt 

The gas system is user adjustable dependent on conditions. At setting “1”, most people will be perfectly fine, and the rifle will operate as expected. A second setting can be used, but it will open the gas port more allowing higher pressures to operate the gas piston. This setting would only be advised if the rifle was extremely dirty and operating in adverse conditions such as much or a lot of dirt. An extreme drop in temperatures could also justify the “2” setting if the weapon was short stroking due to excessive cold that affect operating pressures. Firing nearly 500 rounds through the rifle did not come close to dirtying the action due to the gas piston design, so it will take a lot to dirty up the rifle. 

-Up close look at the user adjustable gas block and its different settings.

The nitrided barrel is a 1:9.25” twist and is 16.5” long. It has a flash hider that appears to work well, although the rifle was not fired at night to see if there was any visible fireball. During the day, no flash was detected while I was shooting Wolf or TulAmmo factory ammo. The flash hider also is compensated with ports and felt recoil is relatively low but is still noticeable with the 7.62x39mm cartridge. Doing some mag dumps with the rifle, the rifle stayed relatively on target if I did my part with proper stance and rifle control. 

-The hybrid flash hider/compensator of the M10X.

The trigger on the M10X is very good. I was expecting to pull a trigger that would feel more like an AK, with all the grit, weight, and travel. The M10X is advertised as a 4.2 lb. trigger and it feels very close to that estimate. Trigger pull is relatively short with a clean break and has a short recess. This trigger is by no means a match grade trigger, but its accuracy potential is raised with its trigger. Along with all the other modularity, the trigger is upgradable and is of a typical AK design. 

-Close up of the fire control group inside the nitrided lower receiver.

Accuracy was impressive and I expected larger groups. While the ergonomics are enhanced compared to the venerable AK design, the bolt and magazine are still more related to the AK than the AR platform. Considering I was shooting steel case ammo from Wolf and TulAmmo, and they are far from match grade, accuracy hovered around the 2 MOA area. Using the ACME Machine 1-8x LPVO in MRAD. Using the 1 MOA center dot, with Wolf ammo, I was able to get 1.88 MOA 5-shot groups. With the TulAmmo, it opened slightly, but still managed a 2.54 MOA group. Considering the ammo, I would expect 1 MOA groups with match grade ammo in quality brass case factory ammunition. 

-Best 5-shot group from Wolf JHPs at 100 yards.
-Best 5-shot group from TulAmmo FMJs at 100 yards.

By the Numbers 

Reliability – 5/5 

Although I didn’t put a high round count through the weapon, reliability was excellent, and the rifle ran like a top. With its quality, nitrided steel parts, and monolithic anodized aluminum upper receiver, this rifle can stand some abuse. 

Modularity – 4/5 

The M10X is a mutt that benefits from battle rifles before it in terms of design. With that being said, the rifle is still modular and many different aftermarket parts can be used with this weapon system. Aftermarket triggers and stocks can be used whether AK or AR15 pattern depending on the model that you buy, but certain parts will be proprietary. 

Accuracy – 5/5 

Considering the ammo used, and the fact that the M10X is not a precision rifle, the accuracy is a step above any AK that I have personally fired. The trigger is excellent, and accuracy was better than I had originally expected. 

Affordability – 4/5 

The M10X is not a low budget rifle and its MSRP is at $1499. Considering the price of what is considered a quality AK variant, this price point is about on par with what is on the market. If a shooter would have concerns about ergonomics of the AK, the M10X would be an easy choice. 

Overall – 4.5/5 

The M10X is solid, relatively affordable, modular and more accurate than your typical AK design. Using abundant AK magazines, and being more modern and ergonomic, the M10X would be well suited as a choice to buy a quality modern sporting rifle. 

Final Thoughts 

The M10X is a fantastic design that blends the best of both western and eastern battle rifles, while remaining modular, accurate, user friendly, and above all simple. For further information and specs, check out M+M Industries website at: https://www.mm-industries.com/m10x/