A few months ago I reached out to CountyComm because I was intrigued by their products. Not only did they have a lot of small, trinket style products they also carried a wide range and assortment of useful, durable, and dependable gear that can easily transfer into an everyday EDC kit or small survival kit. They sent me quite a few impressive products, but nothing stood out and has been used more than their Embassy Pen. 

I will never pretend I am a pen aficionado. Nor will I ever pretend to know the best pen of all, but when I looked through everything CountyComm had and thought of everything I could use the Embassy Pen stood at the top of my list. From a pure design and aesthetic standpoint their Embassy Pen looks meaner, cooler, and more important than most pens out there on the market. From a practical side, the design and quality make it something that has moved from a cool pen to review into my personal EDC pen. 

The Pen Itself:

Alright, the nitty gritty. The pen is pretty heavy, especially if you’re used to something a bit more…. plastic. It’s also quite thick. The diameter is ½ of an inch making it one of the thickest pens I have ever used. That thickness, however, translates very well into durability. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum (but also offered in C360 brass, stainless steel, and copper) it was well machined to take a load of abuse. Having seen, reviewed, and used many ‘tactical’ pens in the past I did not see this Aluminum Embassy Pen to have an edge over some of the competition, until in hand. 

Each Embassy Pen offered dos come with a SPR4 pressurized Fisher space pen (and refillable with the same) rated for use from –30F to +250F making it a perfect option to leave in a car on a hot, summer day or cold, winter night. It’s also the perfect pen to take with you on any expedition. While I was hiking in the hot, humid areas of the American Mid-Pacific coast I found the pen to be the perfect tool, uncompromised by the weather or humidity. 

Coating and Potential Uses:

On top of all that, the aluminum pen does come with a black coating and brushed, stainless clip. I is the perfect complement to an AR15 and doesn’t stand out against a dark backdrop. While hiking, climbing, camping, whatever you do the pen will stay easily concealable, in part because of the low pocket carry the clip provides and also because of the muted, black finish. 

While not recommended, I see no reason why it could not be used as a tactical pen. The aluminum is thick, strong, and can really take a beating. Having that ½ inch thick diameter also makes it a decent size to hold. The diamond pattern dramatically improved grip making it easily wieldable. 

Continued Use:

After roughly 3 months of everyday use the pen is starting to lose the coating on the diamond pattern grips. It seems to add a salt and pepper aesthetic that can only come with age. I’m even finding the screw top cap to be a great benefit. When loaning the pen to others I am not afraid it will be taken from me. I unscrew the pen, keep the cap in hand, and hand them the pen for their use. It’s not discrete in a business setting and really makes a statement. Holding onto the cap feels like a big power move, too. 

Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed with the Aluminum Embassy Pen. It may not be the most glamorous pen and it may not make a big statement, but the statement it makes is that you are a person not easily intimidates. The smooth draw across the paper is partially thanks to the space pen refill, but moreover the weight allows for smooth transition across paper with minimal effort. Lastly, the wear on the Aluminum Embassy Pen finish is not a negative and instead shows a matured, useful, and rugged pen ready for any situation. 


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