Building your first AR15 might seem like a handful. The market has exploded over the past decade and there is a huge list of companies that you can choose to use. While it may seem daunting, there are a few sources to make the task of building an AR easier. One of the newest websites to offer help to newbies and experienced builders alike is

The interesting thing about is that they are a subsidiary of Bowden Tactical. Located in Willoughby, OH, Bowden Tactical is a manufacturer that supplies many companies in the firearm industry with aftermarket accessories such as handguards, muzzle devices, gas blocks, and the list is growing. Not only can they help you with information on parts, and provide custom support for your next AR build, they also offer American made products at quality that far exceeds its price point. 

American Made Products offers under their product section a growing list of products to buy that are affordable and functional. As of the time of this writing, you can purchase MLOK handguards in lengths of 7”, 13”, and 15” that are all well under $100. The 15” MLOK AR15 handguard lists at $74.95, and after personally handling one, I can say that it is excellent quality at its price point. Installation is a breeze due to its clamping design, and the barrel nut does not need to be timed like other models because of its slim design. The handguards also feature anti-rotation tabs that can be used on forged AND billet upper receivers due to their index location. 

-Manufacturer’s image of multiple MLOK handguard offerings

Muzzle devices can also be purchased as well, with more designs soon to come. After spending some time with their 4-port compensator, it is highly effective with recoil mitigation. Muzzle blast is enhanced like other ported muzzle brakes but felt recoil and muzzle rise is drastically reduced because of its design. All the muzzle devices currently for sale are made of 4140 CM steel, or stainless steel. Quality is great and the price point of $29.95-36.95 won’t kill your bank account. 

-Manufacturer’s image of some muzzle devices currently being offered.

More products will be added as well in the future, and I have handled their gas block made of 4140 CM steel. Quality across the board is fantastic for its price point and it should be no surprise to anyone who has handled some of their products that are used across many popular manufacturers and retailers for the AR15 and AR10/LR308. Keep an eye on, because more options will be added soon! 

ARchitect and Blueprints – Custom Support 

Under the “Be an ARchitect” tab of the website, you can get help with any question you may have with building the AR. offers “coaching” with any questions that you may have and can guide you in the right direction. All anyone must do is shoot them over an email and they can get you on the right path depending on your budget. 

-Some of the awesome Cerakote options available with

Speaking of budgets, also offers blueprints for different tiers of budget. There are itemized lists of different products, prices, and where to find them. This website is purpose built to help people with their builds, even if it means not buying products manufactured by the parent company Bowden Tactical. Depending on the tier of build, you can find recommendations for BCM, Lantac, Faxon, Aero Precision, or Anderson Manufacturing. The website also features galleries to look at other builds to get ideas! 

Keep Your Eyes Open! 

For more information, check out their new website at and look at their ARchitect line of accessories. You can also check out if you are interested in getting your own line of products made for your company! More products will be popping up on the website, so keep watching! These products at their price points would be an excellent choice for your next AR build! 


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