When it comes to quick. Fun, and efficient optics Reflex Sights usually take the cake. Nearly all reflex sights are easy to use and operate no matter the level of the shooter’s skills. They are the ultimate ‘point-and-click’ accessory. Yet, there are a plethora of reflex sights on the market all stating to be better than the others.  

There isn’t much in the way of reflex optics outside of the laser and glass. Companies like EO Tech and DI Optical keep simple designs and upgrade them with superior lasers or glass. Ultimately, they are the same core components and setup as any other Reflex Optic. 

Aim Sports Reflex Sight 1×34 OE Overview: 

Aimsport offers this single unit with several reticles to switch between.

Okay, I’ll be honest, my opinion on the looks of this Reflex Optic are not positive. This thing looks and feels small weighing only 5.5 oz. Comparing that to EO Tech’s XPS2-0 at 8oz the Aim Sport option is the featherweight. Yet, is supports some nice features for every user. 

It comes with 4 dot options and two colors, Red or Green. So, if it ever finds itself on Canadian Public Broadcasting with a roll of duct tape it’ll fit right in. The battery is pretty simple, too, and it comes with a backup. We’ll talk more about that backup battery later. The reticle switch is simple and effective, just a small lever at the rear of the optic. On top a large knob is used for both the battery and the reticle intensity. Overall, it has a good layout. 

Listen, we’re not going to tell you this is top notch quality, nor are we going to say it is bottom of the barrel. The fact is, it’s not a unique design and there are many companies that offer something similar to this very model. The big question is if it will actually function as it’s meant to. 

Our Testing: 

We attached it to a 16” 223 Wylde AR15. Nothing out of the ordinary but we wanted a bit more kick than a .22 lr. And this rifle easily delivers a little more of a kick. It was also our decision to attach this as an optic in case someone wanted to tacti-cool this rifle and use this optic as a 45-degree backup instead of irons. It needs to be able to function with the recoil of a .223 to make it worth the effort. 

Sighting this little guy in was a bit of a challenge. The adjustment knobs needed to be manipulated with an Allen Key and the elevation adjustment sits on the top in the middle, obstructing a user’s vision while adjusting. While the adjustment is just a tilting of the entire optic on the mounting hardware, it’s worth nothing that elevation can’t be adjusted while looking through the glass. 

However, once it was dialed in the optic performed flawlessly. The illumination and reticle options added something that may appeal to a large variety of shooters. For me, a simple dot is more than enough. Used in conjunction with irons it can only increase effective usefulness. 

This optic was attached while we ran about 200 rounds of .223 and then transferred to a 7.62×39 chambered AR which ran 1000 rounds over the next few hours. Overall, the performance was outstanding. It did need to be adjusted a few more times but that was because of the mounting design and nothing to do with the optic itself outside of the mounting system. 

Mixed with a lot of glare off of the glass and dust from the surrounding environment we quickly realized that the glass needs constant maintenance to see through clearly. We often found ourselves stopping and cleaning the optic more often than having soft primer strikes with a RollerMag.  


It’s a $30 optic. It will work well for someone who shoots from time to time or needs a backup to throw in their bag. Caution needs to be taken with power consumption. We accidentally left the optic on for several hours in our range bag and ended up draining the battery extremely quickly. It’s good the offer a second battery in the package. Overall, this Reflex Sight does what it needs to. Attaching this to a budget build or pistol build is exactly what it’s designed for. A defensive or backup sight that you don’t care if you lose or break because it’s $30.  


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